• Plastic tableware purchase identification


    Only those with complete logo description can be trusted When shopping for plastic tableware, first look at the completeness of the logo, and secondly look at the product. The surface of the product s...

  • How to choose plastic tableware


    Plastic tableware has always been loved by many families for its advantages of lightness, beauty, and resistance to breakage. As long as the qualified plastic tableware is used properly, there is no h...

  • The advantages,disadvantages and uses of commonly used plastic products


    Plastic products: It is made of synthetic resin as the basic material, with fillers, plasticizers, colorants and stabilizers added in a certain proportion, after mixing, plasticizing, and under certai...

  • What Is PVC?


    PVC for amorphous structure of white powder, branched degree is small, relative density 1.4, glass transition temperature of 77 ~ 90 ℃, 170 ℃ or so began to decompose, poor stability to heat and light...

  • Tableware material affects your health. Please pay attention to the purchase


    Plastic tableware: "color" is good for health In the tableware market, plastic products are light and not fragile, and they are resistant to glass products. However, the health hazards and safety of p...

  • Choose qualified plastic tableware


    "Smell" the smell. Qualified plastic products can only smell any smell from the nose. If you feel uncomfortable after opening the lid, it is recommended not to buy it.