What is the heat resistance of the water cup made of AS material


With a heat resistance of 100 degrees, it is non-toxic […]

With a heat resistance of 100 degrees, it is non-toxic when used to hold boiling water.

AS's acrylonitrile can provide acid and alkali salt resistance, hardness and heat resistance and other chemical corrosion properties, and during processing, the fluidity and surface finish of the product can be kept unchanged.

AS resin is used in the manufacture of household products because it has transparency, chemical resistance to general foods and detergents, and has sufficient high temperature resistance to be washed under high temperature washing conditions. Specific applications include beakers, cups with handles, bathing utensils, ice buckets, salad bowls and trays. In medicine, AS resins are used as syringes, blood suction tubes, kidney percolation devices and reactors.


1. Heat conduction: Without a pot cover, it is difficult to imagine how to hold your single-layer golden bai water bottle when it is filled with boiling water. In addition, it is enough to hold your hands in a cold environment. The shortcoming of low thermal conductivity of PC plastic becomes an advantage here instead. Although the thermal insulation can not be compared with the double-layer thermal insulation kettle, it is enough to ensure the hand-held comfort in various environments, of course, not to worry about having your hands out when pouring water. To

2. Wide mouth: most single-layer gold du water bottles are narrow mouthed, which is undoubtedly beneficial for sports such as cycling or trail running, but I believe that most people use it when they stop outdoors. , Then the wide-mouth feature of the space cup can exert more benefits, whether it is watering or cleaning, whether it is making tea or medicine, whether it is porridge or oatmeal, drinking water can be used.