What to consider when choosing a trash can


The factors to consider when choosing a trash can are v […]

The factors to consider when choosing a trash can are very important. So which ones are there? Nowadays, people's social living standards have been greatly improved, and more and more people are aware of the importance of environmental protection. We are an initiative of environmental protection actions. People, what factors should be considered when buying a trash can?

1. The solidity of the trash can body: Because of outdoor use, as a public facility, it is also easy to be damaged by roads and communities, and even some boring people will deliberately kick and beat, so the solidity of the bucket body Very important. The firmness of the barrel is directly determined by the material used. The steel plate is best to use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which has better hardness and ductility than hot-rolled steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate is also considered, preferably 1 mm or more.

Second, the anti-theft performance of the trash can: Of course, anti-theft is inevitable for outdoor use. For the barrel with recycled materials, there must be a mounting hole at the bottom of the barrel. The barrel can be fixed on the concrete floor with expansion screws to improve the anti-theft effect. In terms of material, glass fiber reinforced plastic trash cans can be used instead of steel plates, which can reduce the procurement budget and avoid outdoor theft.

3. Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance of the trash can body: This is also the most important thing. After all, outdoor use, wind, rain and sun will cause great damage to the barrel body. At this time, the anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion performance of the product is particularly important.

1. In the process of manufacturing the embryo body, the steel plate should be derusted, and then the phosphating process should be matched to form a phosphate layer on the surface, which greatly improves the rust and corrosion resistance. 
2. The surface of the barrel should use electrostatic spraying technology, and use high-end plastic powder that has passed the national quality inspection. It can not only adjust the appearance and color of the barrel, but also protect the inner steel plate of the barrel. It can be outdoor for a long time. It is not afraid of fading and cracking.