How to choose a household trash can?


1. Try to choose stainless steel and bamboo woven mater […]

1. Try to choose stainless steel and bamboo woven materials
Nowadays, some garbage bins on the market may contain some radioactive substances or harmful volatile substances due to the unclear source of plastic materials, which poses certain health risks. Stainless steel and bamboo woven materials not only have such problems, but are also easy to clean. In addition, a smaller trash can encourages people to take out trash frequently and shortens the time for germs to breed.
2. Two trash cans at home are enough. Putting more trash cans not only takes up space but also increases the proportion of pollution. Generally, you can put one in the kitchen and living room. If the toilet has a better flushing function, the toilet paper can be directly flushed away with toilet water, and there is no need to put it in the trash can. If it is really inconvenient, you can put a small trash can with a lid. Trash cans should also be placed in a well-ventilated place to disperse the smell of garbage in time.
3. It is better to have a cover for the kitchen trash can.
There are two types of trash cans on the market, with and without lids. Because the kitchen contains a lot of moisture and smells, it is best to choose a covered one. Drain the water before throwing it into the trash can and seal it at any time. The trash can without lid can put some dry, odorless trash, suitable for bedroom or living room. Harmful waste such as waste batteries, waste fluorescent tubes, waste water silver thermometers, expired medicines, etc. in dry waste also needs to be packed and sealed. 4. Clean in time. As the trash bag will be damaged and pollute the trash can, it is recommended to clean it once a day. When cleaning, you should use a brush to clean the gaps. It is best to use 84 disinfectant to sterilize, and finally rinse and dry."

Nowadays, with the popularization of intelligence, in order to improve the quality of life and user experience, smart homes are widely used. The trash can used in our daily life has also entered the smart industry. Perhaps most users think that a trash can is not needed For such a tall configuration, a plastic trash can at home is fine. There is no need to spend money to buy a smart trash can, but I personally don’t think so, because there are smart trash cans and plastic trash cans at home. I use them. Obviously I can feel the happiness that the smart trash can brings to me, mainly including the convenience of starting the trash can, the high-level sense of the trash can, the absence of odor after throwing out the trash, etc.