What should be paid attention to when choosing children's tableware


Children often fall to the ground when using tableware. […]

Children often fall to the ground when using tableware. It is necessary to choose tableware that is not easy to break when dropped from 60-80CM to the ground to prevent injury to children.
The child’s skin is less sensitive to heat and heat resistance. When the baby at home starts to add supplementary food, or the baby starts to grab the bowls and chopsticks in the hands of adults and awkwardly deliver food to their mouths, parents should Consider choosing a set of special children's tableware for your baby.
1. The selection of tableware should reflect the characteristics of children, small and unique, and try to consider practicality and convenience.
2. Choose tableware that is not easy to be brittle, not easy to age, not afraid of being beaten, can withstand bumps, and not easy to burr during the rubbing process.
3. Choose utensils without painted patterns on the inside, and don't choose painted chopsticks, etc.
4. Try not to use plastic tableware to hold hot food, and try not to use it in the microwave.
5. Prevent the baby from repeatedly biting the tableware in the mouth.
6. Clean the tableware in time and thoroughly, and place the tableware for babies separately from those of adults as much as possible.

How to detoxify children's tableware
The method of detoxification of children's tableware is basically the same as that of ordinary tableware.
Commonly used high-temperature detoxification methods: boiling water for detoxification (2-5 minutes), steam detoxification (steam cabinet, 5-10 minutes for detoxification).
Chemical detoxification method: soak and detoxify with detoxification liquid, suitable for tableware that is not resistant to high temperature (such as glass products), soak for 15-30 minutes; after soaking, it must be rinsed with clean water, preferably with running water.
Children's tableware detox cabinet: There is a special detox cabinet on the market, which saves time and worry, but the principle of the detox cabinet is also high temperature detoxification. Therefore, it is not suitable for plastic tableware, which is prone to odor and decomposition of ingredients.
The "dishware" for children under 1 year old is mainly milk bottles. You can choose a steam milk bottle detoxifier, which is easy to use and has a good detoxification effect.