What are the identification methods of inferior plastic tableware and packaging


Judging whether the quality of environmentally friendly […]

Judging whether the quality of environmentally friendly plastic tableware and packaging supplies meets product quality requirements can be mainly judged by the following methods.
1: Visually inspect the appearance of the tableware: the good-quality tableware is very formal in appearance, with clear edges and lines and writing, and the inside and outside of the product have a smooth finish. The four corners of the box have uniform thickness, no sand holes, the whole edge of the box is cut flat, and the buckle should be easy to open and close. Unqualified or fake environmentally friendly plastic tableware does not meet the above conditions.

2: Hand touch: Good-quality tableware feels smooth, with strong toughness and elasticity. Inferior tableware is added with a large amount of filling material, which reduces the strength of the resin. It will feel very soft when touched by hand, and the inner layer will feel like fine sandpaper. If you tear it by hand, it will be as easy as tearing kraft paper, and it can be torn apart.
3: Inferior tableware can smell a pungent smell, especially after heating the tableware has a stronger taste, which is caused by excessive calcium carbonate filled in the resin. Calcium carbonate must undergo surface activation treatment with coupling agents, dispersants, lubricants and other materials before it is made into particles. If the content of calcium carbonate in the resin is too much, it will cause peculiar smell. Moreover, certain substances will remain in the product, and will be released after a higher temperature to cause harm to the consumer's body.


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