What equipment to bring for a picnic


Exquisite and lovely tableware will enhance the ritual […]

Exquisite and lovely tableware will enhance the ritual sense of the entire picnic
In the picnic basket, all kinds of tableware have a firm fixing strap
By: Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wang Min, intern Chen Manqi
For food lovers, a formal spring picnic is an indispensable ritual of the year. This weekend, find a beautiful place with mountains and waters, and follow our carefully prepared equipment tips to surprise your family and friends with a picnic!
Bento box: keep warm or heat up?
After preparing food carefully, don't let it be destroyed in disposable tableware. Exquisite and lovely tableware will enhance the sense of ritual and happiness of the entire picnic.
Looking at the bento world, they can be roughly divided into four categories: plastic, metal, bamboo, and glass. But the easiest to carry and the most fans are still the lightweight plastic lunch box. Their general temperature resistance range is 120℃ at the highest temperature and -20℃ at the lowest temperature. However, when buying a bento box, you must strictly select safer materials, such as polypropylene material (PP), PC material, PE material, etc. Now the more common bento box material is PC material.
At present, there are several brands such as LOCK&LOCK, Zojirushi, Tupperware, Thermos, Tefco, Tiger, etc., which are more famous and popular. If you like a large-capacity bento box, you can consider the LOCK&LOCK separable lunch box, which has a capacity of 800ml. There are two small round boxes outside the lunch box for fruits and small dishes, and it is also equipped with an insulated drawstring portable The price of the bag is around 60 or 70 yuan.
If heat preservation is the top priority, then recommend the stainless steel heat preservation box launched by the Japanese kitchenware brand Taifugao. The interior is divided into a normal temperature zone and an extra-long heat preservation zone. The 18-8 stainless steel liner is hygienic and safe. There is a storage net for chopsticks and spoons in the bag, and there is a storage net for storage on the side of the bag, which is convenient and practical. But the price is not cheap, generally a bento box costs more than 100 yuan.
If you want a large-capacity bento box that does not take up space, you can consider buying a double-layer lunch box from Asvel, which has the same capacity as a single-layer, but has a smaller footprint and is easy to carry. One of the layers has a movable compartment, which can separate the dishes that are easy to skewer. This lunch box also comes with an insulated lunch bag, which is very convenient to bring on a picnic.
When buying a lunch box, the indicators that need to be paid attention to are safety, tightness, heat preservation, number of compartments, etc. The safety is to look at the logo, and the sealing performance can be put in the heat preservation lunch box and the lid can be sealed upside down for a minute or two. If there is water seeping out, the sealing performance is not good. When testing the heat preservation, you can pour hot water into the heat preservation lunch box and seal the lid. If it is found that the surface of the cover of the lunch box becomes significantly hot after four or five minutes, it means that the heat preservation is not strong. Of course, if you smell the obvious plastic smell of the bento box, or the color is dull and burr, then just give it up.
Picnic mat: make picnic more indulgent
The picnic mat is the most important equipment for a picnic. Picnic mats originated in Europe and the United States, using an integrated folding design, and the spreading area is large enough to be folded when not in use. It can be received in a box or bag for easy collection and carrying, which provides a lot of convenience for picnics.
An excellent picnic mat has a comprehensive function, not only has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, and sand-proof, it can be used in various environments such as lawns, beaches, etc.; it also has good wear resistance and is not easy to be scratched by stones; finally Dirt resistant and easy to wash. With these capabilities, it is an excellent product with comprehensive functions and a wide range of applications.
There are generally three types of picnic mats. The picnic mats made of cotton and linen have the advantages of being light, thin, soft, easy to carry, and easy to clean. The disadvantages are poor waterproofness, low comfort, and oil stains that are not easy to clean. It is suitable for use on flat ground, not for beaches and wet grass. PVC is a plastic material with high water and moisture resistance. It can also be used on the beach. It is easy to clean after being stained with oil. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to fold, it is inconvenient to carry and pick up, and PVC material and chemical materials are not environmentally friendly and safe materials. It is recommended that you do not choose this material. The picnic mat of Oxford cloth has three layers of fabrics, which are divided into three layers: surface, inner and back. The surface of the top layer is required to be dirt-resistant, easy to wash, flexible and wear-resistant. Oxford cloth is the best material; the inner is a certain thickness of sponge, for people Provides comfortable softness; the back is the bottom layer. Because it touches the ground, it must be waterproof and sand-proof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean, so a waterproof aluminum film is used. This is currently the most durable picnic mat.
In addition, there is also a picnic mat using upgraded spray cotton as the main material. This material has the function of heat insulation and moisture resistance. It is precisely because of the characteristics of this material that the picnic mat can be washed in a washing machine and returned. The flexibility is relatively high. Water resistance is also its most prominent feature. The surface of the mat is treated with a waterproof coating, which will make your picnic more unrestrained.
Picnic basket: a must for concave shape
The picnic basket is responsible for the loading and appearance of the entire picnic. Don't underestimate this small basket. It has a large storage space, and basic tableware and small food can be packed in. In addition, some easily crushed fruit desserts, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cakes, etc., are very suitable for picnic baskets. More importantly, with it, the photo comes with a fresh and artistic style, which can make the photo a qualitative leap in minutes.
In addition to the most common multi-functional box-style picnic baskets, open portable picnic baskets are also popular now. All kinds of tableware have strong fixing straps, so that even if you need to drive a long distance, you don’t worry about the tableware being knocked. Another advantage of the square shape of the portable picnic basket is that when you close the lid, it becomes a small table.
Storage bag: wet and dry
When going out to play, sometimes an emergency bag is urgently needed, with sweaty clothes, unpacked snacks, etc. The drop-shaped storage bag hanging on the backpack is your timely assistance. This kind of storage bag is also large and small and can be used in different occasions. Large drops have a capacity of 20L, and small drops have a capacity of 3L. As a storage bag that can be carried around, it can play an emergency role in many cases. Children’s leftover snacks and cups with water can be put in a bag without worrying about being scattered randomly.