Can restaurant disposable tableware be disinfected with hot water


The tableware in some restaurants has undergone strict […]

The tableware in some restaurants has undergone strict high-temperature sterilization. Can such tableware be used safely?

When eating a buffet, place forks, spoons and other utensils used to hold the food in front of each food. Research on these utensils found that there are many bacteria and viruses on them. These utensils have been strictly disinfected before use. The bacteria and viruses on them are It is uploaded by the hands of customers. When people use these utensils to take food, bacteria and viruses will be stained on their hands. If they take food with their hands or touch the mouth, eyes and nose, bacteria and viruses will enter in vivo. Disinfected chopsticks, spoons, plates and other utensils in restaurants will also be contaminated, including the hands of waiters, other customers and our own hands. Therefore, hand washing is the key to avoiding the spread of bacteria and viruses through tableware and food. Wash your hands before and after eating. If your hands touch an unclean surface during meals, wash your hands before handling food.

Many people use hot water when washing their hands, which is better than cold water. In the impression of these people, hot water can kill bacteria and viruses on their hands. This impression is wrong, because the hot water for hand washing is only 40 to 55 degrees Celsius. If you wash your hands with boiling water that can kill viruses and bacteria, your hands Will be burned.

Although hot water cannot kill viruses and bacteria, experts and the US FDA once believed that hot water washing is better than cold water washing, provided that soap is used, because hot water and soap can wash away the oil on the hands. Grease is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Studies have found that when people wash their hands, 64% of the time they wash their hands with hot water. If you add up all the times, for example, the United States will reach 800 billion times a year, causing environmental pollution equivalent to the emissions of 1.25 million cars. , Washing hands in cold water protects the environment. The key to washing hands is to wash your hands frequently, use soap and hand sanitizer, and rub repeatedly for a certain period of time, not the temperature of the water.