What are the main ingredients of plastic spoons


First of all, we can understand that the main product i […]

First of all, we can understand that the main product ingredient of the disposable plastic spoon is polypropylene, and the other ingredients are mainly produced based on antireflection. When we use this product, it is precisely because of the one-time performance of the product that determines the high temperature resistance and convenient performance of the product, which can make our life more convenient.

Because of its low toxicity, high melting point, strong plasticity, easy production and relatively low cost, plastic has become the mainstream material for manufacturing disposable fast food boxes. Such as PP plastic lunch box, PP refers to polypropylene, which has excellent mechanical and thermal properties, and is especially suitable for packaging applications for heating meals. PS polystyrene is hard and brittle, especially suitable for frozen food packaging such as pastries or salads.

Easy to use: After coming to the restaurant, you will see that many people use disposable plastic spoons when drinking soup. Although there are some ceramic spoons, these spoons are recycled. It is not safe to come. If the disinfection is not complete, it will bring certain diseases, so there are many people who choose disposable spoons.

High safety: It reaches the level standard during use, so the practicability is relatively high. Not only is the spoon lighter, but it can also be divided into many types, including folding type and direct use type, each will be different Type, you will see that its size is different when you use it. If it is used in an ice cream shop, the disposable spoon is relatively small, and there will be differences in the material of the spoon. The cost of disposable plastic spoons is low.

There are many types: some are plastic spoons, and some are more transparent types. Each has its own uniqueness. In addition, you can also advertise on the spoon, such as a restaurant, etc. While having a meal, you can also bring it back after the meal, because it is for one-time use and can be handled by the consumer. This can also play a role in publicity.