How to wash plastic tableware to be clean


As a workplace worker, bringing meals is a clean, hygie […]

As a workplace worker, bringing meals is a clean, hygienic and cost-saving way. However, there are also troublesome things to bring with rice, that is, the number of times is too large, and the lunch box has a smell, which is not easy to clean. So how do you clean the plastic lunch box?
1. Milk deodorization method: After using the plastic lunch box, clean it with detergent first, then pour two soups of key fresh milk into the lunch box, close the lid, and shake it so that every corner of the lunch box is in contact with the milk. For one minute, finally pour out the milk and clean the lunch box.

2. Clean the greasy plastic box with hot water first to allow the oil molecules to diffuse and easy to clean. Add detergent to clean and mix well with greasy parts. You can try this part several times to make the tableware cleaner. Although I have washed it with detergent, the lunch box still feels very greasy. At this time, we will use oranges. Squeeze some orange juice in, rinse it off, the tableware will be fragrant and clean.
3. Pour a cup of diluted vinegar water into the lunch box, the capacity is about half of the lunch box, and let it stand overnight, because the vinegar can well integrate the peculiar smell, rinse it with clean water the next day, and place it in a cool place. Just let it dry naturally.
4. Orange peel deodorization method: After the plastic lunch box is used, clean it with detergent first, then put the fresh orange peel in the lunch box, close the lid, and leave it for about 3 to 4 hours.
5. Soak the lemon slices in boiling water for a period of time, and wait until the water turns yellow; then pour the lemonade into the lunch box and leave it for half an hour. Finally, pour out the lemonade and dry the lunch box. This peculiar smell There is no more.
Tableware is used frequently. No matter how you wash it with detergent, it has a smell. Small things like lemon, milk, and orange can help us wash away the smell of vegetables and give us a clean tableware.