How to choose the right plastic bottle material?


How to blow molding plastic beverage bottles and how to […]

How to blow molding plastic beverage bottles and how to make plastic beverage bottles? Blowing plastic mold is a very important part of plastic beverage bottle blow molding. The improvement of various functions of plastic bottle blowing mold has far-reaching implications for the entire plastic beverage bottle industry.

An important step in the blow molding of plastic beverage bottles, first of all, the manufacturing of blow molds is now made of steel, and the cost of steel is very high. In order to blow a new bottle, a plastic bottle manufacturer needs to manufacture a new blow mold. If so, it is often necessary to pay a high cost, and cheaper bottle blowing mold manufacturing materials can be found, which will greatly reduce the production cost of plastic beverage bottles. Secondly, the life of the blowing mold, the blowing mold needs to be blown in a high temperature environment, and the production life cycle of many blowing molds is not long. Extending the use period of the blowing mold is also an aspect of effectively reducing costs. The production efficiency of the blowing mold, one mold with multiple cavities can effectively improve the blowing power, but how to achieve more cavities in one mold in the limited space in the blow molding machine is a very challenging question.

Explain what is the difference between PE, PO, PP, OPP, PVC plastic packaging, how to distinguish it, in addition, plastic bottle manufacturers for plastic cups, plastic bottles, and plastic water cups, plastic wine glasses, plastic wine glasses, plastic beer glasses , How to choose the right plastic material?

PE plastic cup: the plastic is relatively soft, the transparency is not high enough for other materials, the tensile force is good, and it is not easy to break;

PP plastic bottle: The plastic is relatively hard, but the transparency is relatively high, clear, and the pulling force is not very good;

PO plastic bottle: The plastic is relatively brittle, the transparency is not high enough, it is more veiled than the PE material, it is a bit white, and the tensile force is not very good;

OPP plastic bottle: This plastic is relatively brittle, with high transparency, not good enough tensile force, and easy to decolorize during the printing process;

PVC plastic bottle: the plastic can be either soft or hard, and the material can be ordered according to the needs of the customer, and the transparency can also be according to the needs, because there are ultra-transparent materials, ordinary materials and abrasive materials, which have good tensile force and are not easy to tear. , and not easily broken;

The phenomenon of repeated use of plastic beverage bottles and mineral water plastic bottles in daily life is very common. Many consumers often like to keep their used beverage bottles and mineral water bottles and fill them with tea or drinking water when they go out next time. Take it out, calling the move "environmental protection and saving". Experts said that qualified plastic beverage bottles and mineral water plastic bottles are required to be made of food-grade plastics, namely PET plastic bottles. These food-grade PET bottles cannot withstand high temperatures and need to be used at low temperatures, generally below 70 degrees Celsius. In addition, these plastic bottles are single-use, and the state stipulates that enterprises cannot recycle and refill them for use.