How to better customize transparent beverage bottles


How to better customize transparent beverage bottles fo […]

How to better customize transparent beverage bottles for plastic beverage bottles? PP plastic bottles can be heated and filled at 100°C. Its juice and jam products need to be packaged at this temperature, which is not comparable to the filling temperature of ordinary PET bottles. 76°C above the glass transition. The barrier performance of PP bottles to moisture is about 5 times that of PET bottles. The price of PP plastic preform production equipment is generally lower than that of PET preform production equipment.
Studies have shown that plastic beverage bottles can increase the impact strength of PP bottles from 4.7ft to 7.8ft after mixing transparent silicon-free copolymer polypropylene with polyolefin prepared by adding 15% ethylene/metallocene catalyst. As a plastic beverage bottle, its PP plastic products are 10% to 30% cheaper than PET plastic bottles, and the density of 0.9g/cc is lower than that of PET plastic bottles, 1.35g/cc The mass is lighter than the PET bottle, and the PP bottle has a longer recycling time than the PET bottle, so the production cost is lower. The defects of PP bottles, the processing speed of PP bottles is slower than that of PET bottles, and the physical properties are also poor, which are the main reasons why they cannot be widely used.
1. PP plastic bottles absorb and disperse heat slower than PET plastic bottles. The lower rigidity of PP plastic bottles means that PP plastic bottles have lower top load and perimeter strength than PET plastic bottles. Under the same rigid conditions, the bottle wall of PP plastic beverage bottle must be thicker than that of the same PET bottle. Although the processing temperature of PP in the preform injection stage is lower, the blow molding of PP bottles needs to be completed at 130 °C. PP bottles are slower to process and have poorer physical properties than PET bottles, making them not widely used. Therefore, not only is the energy consumption higher than that of PET bottles, but the molding and cooling cycles are also longer, resulting in PP being 25% less efficient than PET.
2. The processing temperature of PP plastic bottle stretch blow molding is only 5 ℃. Compared with the processing temperature of 15 ℃ of PET bottles for plastic beverage bottles, the parking rate and the rejection rate are greatly increased. The oxygen and carbon dioxide permeability of PP bottle is about 30 times that of PET bottle, which makes it impossible to be widely used in the barrier packaging of carbonated drinks like PET. In order to make the transparency of PP close to that of PET, technicians of plastic products must Optimizing the orientation and stretching ratio, while the stretching method of PP bottles of plastic manufacturers is different, it is easy to cause fogging in some parts of the preform such as the bottom and neck of the bottle.
3. PP plastic bottles have good temperature resistance and flexible bottle design. The price of PP plastic for plastic beverage bottles is cheaper than PET plastic bottles, PS plastic bottles, PE plastic bottles and other materials. The continuous development of modified resins, anti-reflection agents and mechanical equipment technology makes PP containers replace glass, PET and PVC containers, and has broad market prospects. The related product manufacturers of PP plastic manufacturers are overcoming the shortcomings of PP, and the application scope of PP bottles in the beverage packaging market has gradually entered PET plastic bottles.