The production and use of transparent plastic bottles


Transparent plastic bottle is a kind of plastic packagi […]

Transparent plastic bottle is a kind of plastic packaging container with a transparent white color formed by blow molding. It is formed by injection molding to form an intermediate product preform, and then a plastic bottle is formed by blow molding, which is the principle of two-step molding.
The transparent plastic bottle is formed by injection molding of a special material such as polyester to form a transparent preform. The transparent preform is blown and processed under specific pressure and temperature conditions, and the volume in the gun mold of the mold is expanded according to the specifications of the mold. Clear plastic bottles of corresponding height and thickness. At present, transparent plastic bottles are mostly used for packaging of medicine, beverages, mineral water, candy, flavorings, etc.
Most plastic beverage bottles are made of PET, which is a polymer material and is widely used in various food packaging. These materials are non-toxic and tasteless at low temperature, and the beverages are safe for human body, but once polyethylene is exposed to high temperature or sunlight, it will slowly dissolve, releasing an organic solvent that is harmful to human health. No matter what kind of plastic bottle products, various additives must be added in the production process, such as lightfasteners, smoothing agents, etc.
The chemical composition is toxic to the human body. If rice, noodles, drinking water, oil, wine and other substances are used in ordinary plastic bottles for a long time, it is easy to dissolve the internal harmful substances and bring them into the human body. Repeated use of mineral water bottles or beverage bottles will not meet the hygienic indicators, and bacteria in plastic bottles may multiply in plastic bottles. Therefore, it is recommended to use food-grade plastic plastic bottles for food, which will be safer.