Why summer is the peak sales season for plastic drinking glasses


Plastic water cups are light, safe, easy to carry and l […]

Plastic water cups are light, safe, easy to carry and low cost. At present, most of the materials used in the production of plastic water cups are PS, AS, PC, PP, TRITAN, etc. These materials are all food-grade, with different material characteristics.

Plastic cups are not insulated, and plastic cups made of some materials cannot be filled with boiling water. These characteristics make plastic cups inconvenient to use in winter. In summer, the temperature rises, and the hot weather causes people to drink less hot water, and instead use water or beverages at room temperature or low temperature. At this time, plastic water cups meet people's needs.

Plastic water cups avoid the requirement that stainless steel water cups cannot contain carbonated liquids, even carbonated drinks like cola are no problem. Plastic water cups are also easy to clean. Usually, they can be cleaned with water at room temperature in summer. Due to the characteristics of the lightweight structure and the craftsmanship, when the stainless steel vacuum flask of the same size is about 500ml, the plastic water cup can be about 700ml.

Plastic materials have relatively low costs for stainless steel materials. Usually, the production cost of a finished plastic water cup is usually only 40% of the production cost of a stainless steel water cup with the same capacity.