Why does the newly opened water cup smell


People can smell peculiar smell when they buy water cup […]

People can smell peculiar smell when they buy water cups when they are newly opened. What is causing this? What method can be used to get rid of the peculiar smell of the water cup?

The peculiar smell in the newly opened water cup is mostly caused by this reason. The water cup is directly packaged and put into storage from the production line. Due to the long-term storage in the warehouse, the inside of the water cup and the silicone ring will have a slight smell, but due to the screwing of the cup lid It is tight and the air is not circulated, so the taste of the newly opened water cup lid is released at the moment when the lid is opened. This is often the time when the taste is strongest. Some water cups will have no taste after opening the lid for a long time. If you encounter the taste, it will be difficult. If it disperses, it can also be removed by the following methods.

1. Soak the orange peel in warm water for 6-12 hours, then pour it out and clean it;

2. Soak tea leaves in water for half an hour, repeat 2-3 times;

3. Cleaning with toothpaste can not only clean stains but also quickly get rid of odors.