Whether the surface of the plastic mold needs to be painted


As for whether the surface of the plastic mold needs to […]

As for whether the surface of the plastic mold needs to be painted, this is mainly based on customer requirements. Some customers choose to paint if they feel it is necessary, while some customers choose not to paint if they think it doesn't matter.

If you spray paint on the surface of the plastic mold, you can ensure the brightness of the product. This is because the plastic product itself is difficult to reflect light, so the plastic part will look a little dark, and if the skin texture on the surface of the plastic part is added, it will appear even darker. Therefore, some customers will spray a layer of paint on the surface of the plastic parts in order to make the surface beautiful, so as to ensure the brightness of the product.

And if the surface of plastic products is painted, it can also reduce the scrap rate of plastic products. The scrap rate of white plastic products has always been a headache for the injection molding industry. If the surface is painted to cover up the shortcomings of the product, the scrap rate of the product can also be reduced.

1. There are two options for spray painting:

(1) With printing ink

(2) After spraying with acrylic twice, make light.

2. Things to pay attention to when painting plastic molds:

(1) Appearance. Spray paint screen printing is to achieve the appearance effect that the mold cannot achieve. Therefore, in the injection molding production, try to avoid the defects that affect the appearance of the spray paint, but some defects are still acceptable, such as air lines, because they can be covered up when spray paint.

(2) The color difference of the material color. Unless you are spraying black, the material must not have too much color difference, because the painter will not repeat the oil adjustment for each batch of material. The same paint is sprayed on the material with color difference, and the spray paint effect will be very different.

(3) The surface of the material is not clean. Generally, there will be cleaning and dust removal treatment before painting, but it is best not to have oil stains on the surface of the product. This involves your packaging, so packaging is also a problem.

(4) Loss. The loss of spray paint is quite large, so attention should also be paid to the production of materials.

Therefore, painting the surface of the plastic mold is a very effective way to maintain the product, but if painting, there is one more process for injection molding, so the corresponding cost will inevitably increase, which is also the choice of painting or no painting. Advantages and disadvantages.