Can plastic bowls be microwaved?


Individual heat-resistant plastics are acceptable, but […]

Individual heat-resistant plastics are acceptable, but ordinary plastics cannot be used. In the microwave function, metal and metal edges cannot be used for heating, and it is also important to note that food with a lot of oil cannot be heated with any plastic, nor heat-resistant plastic. Among all plastic products, only the plastic products marked with "pp5" have good high temperature resistance and can be heated in the microwave oven. The plastic products with other marks do not have high temperature resistance and cannot be put into the microwave oven. heating. Microwave bowls are generally divided into 4 types, glass bowls, ceramic bowls, metal bowls, and plastic bowls. Generally speaking, some can also be used in the oven. Some plastic bowls can still be placed in the microwave, but in general, it is better to choose glass bowls or enamel bowls. If the quality of the purchased plastic bowl is not high enough, if it is placed in the microwave oven for a long time to heat rice, it may have a certain impact on personal health, so be sure to pay proper attention to the quality of the plastic bowl you buy.

One: The glass bowl part of the glass bowl can be placed in the oven. The glass bowl is divided into high temperature resistant glass bowls, tempered glass bowls and ordinary glass bowls. As long as it is a high temperature resistant glass bowl, it can be used in the oven, but ordinary glass bowls cannot be placed in the oven. Used in the oven.

Two: Ceramic bowls Many of the ceramic bowls you see now are marked with the words "Microwave Special", but this does not mean that the ceramic bowls can be placed in the oven. The main ingredient of the ceramic bowls is kaolin, and high-quality ceramic bowls can be put in The oven will not produce toxicity. If some ceramic bowls with metal impurities are not suitable to be placed in the oven, it will cause toxicity, and colored ceramic bowls should not be placed in the oven. Under the action of the high temperature of the oven, the heavy metals in the pigments May be precipitated, which is harmful to human body.

Three: Metal bowls Metal bowls mostly refer to stainless steel bowls. Stainless steel bowls can be put into the oven, but if the stainless steel bowl contains plastic products, it cannot be put into the oven.

Four: Plastic bowls Plastic bowls must not be placed in the oven, even plastic bowls for microwave ovens.