What food to bring for a picnic


The picnic is suitable for bringing bottled drinks and […]

The picnic is suitable for bringing bottled drinks and water, sandwiches, du rice balls, fruits, and specialty cakes.

1. Bottled beverages and water: water is the most indispensable when going out for a picnic. You can choose orange juice, mineral water, and favorite beverages when you go out. If you want to chill in summer, you can buy an incubator and put the beverage in , You can enjoy a refreshing drink at the picnic spot.

2. Sandwich: It is also a good choice to make sandwiches by yourself, because you can add vegetables, eggs, meat, etc. to the sandwiches. This is not only healthy but also can be added as you like. At the same time, the sandwiches are also easy to carry and can be eaten directly without reprocessing.

3. Onigiri: Onigiri is also a good choice for a picnic. It not only has a strong feeling of fullness, but also has a simple preparation method. Choose the ingredients you like and add it.

4. Fruits: It is also a very happy thing to order fruits after eating. Not only can they supplement vitamins but also help digestion, so fruits are among the top considerations in the must-have food for a picnic.

5. Special pie. Each place has its own special cakes, Xinjiang's naan, Tianjin's pancakes and fruits, stone cakes, five-spice meat cakes and so on. Buy a few and put them in a bag, then take them out and eat them directly. It saves food and tastes delicious.