What are the functions of the fresh-keeping box


The fresh-keeping box plays an increasingly important r […]

The fresh-keeping box plays an increasingly important role in life and has become a must-have item for more and more families. If a refrigerator is used at home, the fresh-keeping box will play an even greater role. What are the specific functions and usage, let's take a look!

Usually our refrigerators will place a lot of various foods, such as raw fish and meat, fruits, leftovers, beverages, snacks, etc. If these foods are not separated and tightly packaged, they are easy to smell. If one of the foods occurs Deterioration will also quickly contaminate food, leading to chain deterioration and taste changes. Therefore, storing different foods separately in fresh-keeping boxes can not only ensure the freshness of the food, but also maintain the original taste. If the classification is detailed, it will be more convenient to take. In addition to containing raw fish and leftover rice, the fresh-keeping box can also contain cut fruits, which not only saves space but also prevents fruits from being crushed. The same is true for dumplings and dumplings; in addition, it can also contain fragile items such as eggs and noodles. For seafood with moisture, the fresh-keeping box can also prevent the water from flowing out; the seasonings at home can also be stored in the fresh-keeping box, which is more convenient; ladies who love beauty can also use the fresh-keeping box to pack the mask. In short, one thing can play a variety of ways. The function is easy to use and hygienic.
The shape of the fresh-keeping box is also very rich, and the usage of fresh-keeping boxes of different shapes is not the same. For example, the rectangular fresh-keeping box can be placed in the refrigerator door to store various condiments and leftover food; the rectangular fresh-keeping box has The water receiving plate is easy to store water-containing foods such as vegetables, fruits and seafood; the round fresh-keeping box is suitable for storing meat, sauces and meals; there is also a tall-tube fresh-keeping box that is more suitable for storing long foods such as noodles and cucumbers.