How to use plastic crisper correctly


The correct use of the fresh-keeping box can ensure tha […]

The correct use of the fresh-keeping box can ensure that people keep food in isolation as much as possible to prevent cross contamination. The PP resin material used to make the crisper can withstand the highest temperature of 120°C and the lowest temperature of -20°C, so the crisper can be placed in the refrigerator for food refrigeration, or placed in a microwave oven for heating or washing in the dishwasher. However, it is also necessary to master the correct method for the use of plastic fresh-keeping boxes. Avoid using suboptimal results and wasting resources.

Experience in the correct use of plastic crisper:
1. Take out the fresh-keeping box from the freezer, do not open it immediately, leave it at room temperature for 1 to 2 minutes before opening it.
2. When used in a microwave oven, if the food contains a lot of oil and sugar, the plastic container will be deformed if the temperature rises rapidly. Therefore, to heat the above-mentioned food, it is best to use a non-plastic microwaveable box.
3. The gas of carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will lose the sealing ability of the fresh-keeping box. Gas beverages, fermented food, hot food, etc. will reduce the sealing performance of the fresh-keeping box. Please try to avoid storing this in the fresh-keeping box. Kind of food.
4. The storage time of food is different. Don't rely solely on the sealing ability of the fresh-keeping box, but eat as soon as possible.
5. Appropriate use of disposable fresh-keeping boxes, throw them away after use, avoid the risk of being difficult to clean, and make it more hygienic.

 In addition, consumers should pay special attention to the following when purchasing fresh-keeping boxes:
1. From the material
Confirm the type of raw materials. Fresh-keeping boxes made of non-food plastics must not be used, otherwise it will cause harm to the human body. These fresh-keeping boxes made of low-quality non-food plastics have potential carcinogenic and teratogenic hazards to the human body. When purchasing, read the clear signs on the fresh-keeping box packaging, such as the sanitary license number, material, and precautions.
2. From the appearance
The fresh-keeping box of good quality is exquisitely crafted and does not smell pungent.