What are the advantages of disposable plastic fruit boxes?


To be precise, the characteristics of tableware should […]

To be precise, the characteristics of tableware should be confirmed according to the materials used to produce tableware. What's so special about this meal? It's nothing but cold resistance, temperature resistance, microwaveability, biodegradation, stretchability, transparency, compressive strength, hardness, friction resistance, etc.
The key to the characteristics of plastic fruit boxes is the material. At this stage, mainstream product materials include PET, PP, BOPS, HIPS, etc. This material can be used for food, and the annual production is continuously increasing. The properties of several types of plastics are as follows.
BOPS has good rigidity, high strength and PP hardness; good rigidity, temperature resistance and fluidity, good transparency of PET; good stability, toughness and friction resistance. HIPS has good fluidity, high impact compressive strength and good rigidity.

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