How to remove dirt from plastic spoon


Now the use of plastic spoons in the catering industry […]

Now the use of plastic spoons in the catering industry is very extensive, but how to remove the dirt in the process of use, let's take a look at the specific method of removing dirt!

how to remove dirt

1. The dirt on the plastic spoon can only be scrubbed with a cloth dipped in alkali, vinegar or soap. It is not suitable to use decontamination powder, so as not to wear off the luster on the surface. We all know that after the tableware is stained with oil, it will be very difficult to clean it. We can put a little flour in hot water, make a very thin noodle soup, wash it, and then rinse it with water. You will find it is very clean. This is also a little trick in life!

2. If the plastic spoon is stained with oil, you can wipe it with sawdust or plant ash, and then wash the bowls, dishes, and chopsticks with warm rice-cleaning water. If there is any dirt, you can use salt and vinegar to scrub, or use decontamination powder to scrub.

3. Plastic spoons that have been in contact with eggs and flour should be soaked in Portable Travel Spoon Fork Chopsticks Cutlery Set cold water first, and then washed with hot water. If you wash it with hot water first, the leftover food will stick to the utensils and it will be difficult to clean.

4. Ordinary dishes should be washed with warm water to clean them. If the plastic spoons that have been filled with seafood are washed with hot water, the fishy smell of seafood will be stronger and difficult to remove. Therefore, they should also be washed with cold water in winter. If you are afraid of cold water, you can wear a pair of Wash gloves in cold water.