The advantages and disadvantages of plastic spoons


The advantages and disadvantages of plastic spoons Plas […]

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic spoons

Plastic spoon is one of the most common tableware in our lives. Because its material is not easy to be broken, it is more suitable for babies who are just starting to learn to eat. Plastic spoon not only has advantages, but do you understand its disadvantages? Then let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of plastic spoons and the classification of soup spoons with the editor!

Advantages and disadvantages of plastic spoons

1. Advantages

a. Good-looking appearance

Since the modeling difficulty of plastic spoons is lower than that of stainless steel and wood, it is easier to make various exquisite patterns. Therefore, spoons made of plastic have more choices in shape.

b. Rich colors

Compared with stainless steel spoons and wooden spoons, plastic spoons are more colorful, no matter what color spoons are available, you can choose according to your favorite color.

c. Good drop resistance

Plastic spoons have high drop resistance, even if they are repeatedly dropped more than a dozen times, they will not break or break, and the plastic spoons are relatively light, so that the baby is effortless during use.

2. Disadvantages of plastic spoons

a. High cleaning difficulty

It is easy to get oil stains on the plastic spoon. It is difficult to clean the oil stains on the spoon with clean water alone. You must use detergent to clean it to remove the oil stains.

b. Poor wear resistance

Compared with stainless steel spoons, the wear resistance of plastic spoons is relatively poor. After friction, the corners of plastic spoons are easy to wear, and the corners of people's mouths are easily scratched after wear.

Classification of soup spoons

1. Wooden spoon

The soup spoon made of natural wood belongs to the oldest kind of soup spoon. Since humans began to cook food, the wooden spoon has been used. The color and texture of the wooden spoon are beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly, and will not harm human health.

2. Porcelain soup spoon

Everyone knows that China is the country of porcelain, and the soup spoons made of porcelain are rich in cultural meaning. Ceramic soup spoons are not only used in homes, but are also one of the necessary tableware in restaurants and restaurants.

3. Stainless steel soup spoon

Stainless steel soup spoons are widely used in tableware. Stainless steel tableware has the advantages of corrosion resistance, drop resistance and durability. Stainless steel soup spoons are most suitable for boiling soup. They are more resistant to high temperature than wooden spoons and will not deform or crack. Phenomenon, it is lighter and more flexible than ceramic soup ladle, and it is not afraid of being broken. Stainless steel soup ladle must be indispensable when cooking hot pot and soup pot.

4. Silicone soup spoon

Silicone is an environmentally friendly and safe material, and it is durable. The silicone spoon is a tableware specially designed for infants and young children. The silicone material has passed the scientific inspection certification, so there is no need to worry about harmful consequences for children.