Teach you how to choose qualified plastic tableware


In the tableware market, plastic products have the adva […]

In the tableware market, plastic products have the advantages of being lighter and not fragile, and are competing with glass products. But not long ago, there were reports in the United States that plastic water bottles have health risks, which aroused people's doubts about the safety of plastic products. Generally speaking, plastic products on the market should be safe and reliable if they strictly use food-grade raw materials. In addition, when using plastic products, temperature control is also critical. Generally, plastic products have a temperature resistance range, which is around 110 degrees Celsius on average. Of course, each product is different. For example, environmentally friendly fast food boxes can be used with confidence as long as the temperature does not exceed 120-130 degrees Celsius; for hard plastic cups, boxes, etc., the temperature resistance range of qualified products can be as high as 160 degrees Celsius. Will produce toxicity.

We have to ensure that it is qualified, which requires learning some selection skills, namely "one look, two smell, three hands touch." First of all, "One Look" includes three aspects. The first is to look at the product label, manufacturer's address, contact information, whether it has obtained relevant certification, etc. The second is to see if there are impurities, look at the light, if there are uneven gray-black dust particles, do not buy. The third is to look at the color, it is best to use transparent and colorless plastic products. Because some additives must be added for coloring, which will reduce the safety of the product. For example, putting oil, vinegar, beverages, etc. in colored plastic bottles will melt a part of the color masterbatch, which is bad for people's health if they eat it.

Second, smell the smell. Qualified plastic products can't smell any smell only with the nose. If you smell an uncomfortable smell after opening the lid, it is best not to buy it.
Finally, touch the texture. The surface of qualified  Plastic tablews are should be smooth, with certain strength and elasticity