Precautions for disposable lunch boxes


1. Usually, you should use less and cautiously disposab […]

1. Usually, you should use less and cautiously disposable lunch boxes. It is hygienic and economical to bring your own lunch boxes.
2. When it is not clear whether the lunch box is made of pure PP, do not put it in the microwave oven.
3. The use of foamed plastic lunch boxes used by vendors should be refused.
4. Some unfavorable manufacturers add plasticizers to facilitate processing. Generally, this plasticizer is soluble in oil. If it is hot oil, it will dissolve more. Therefore, if the food contains oil, a small amount of plasticizer will dissolve in the oil. , And then transferred to food, if long-term or excessive exposure to plasticizers, it will have a certain impact on the body. It is necessary to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of using disposable lunch boxes, and qualified lunch boxes can be used with confidence. Try to avoid using disposable lunch boxes to contain high-temperature food, fried food, vinegar and cooking wine mixed food.  Taizhou Wuhuan Plastic Co., Ltd is Plastic tableware Manufacturers in CHINA, offer plastic picnic bowl set for sale
5. How to choose a qualified disposable lunch box: The so-called plastic is a small molecule that forms a compound, just like wearing a bead. The more and longer you wear, the stronger it is, so the plasticizer is slightly less. If it is transparent or heavy, like that glass, if it is flat, it will be translucent. If it is uneven, it will not be translucent. Transparency only represents its flatness. And sinking is just the density of its pressing, its density has nothing to do with the amount of plasticizer it adds. Therefore, one-time lunch boxes should be sturdier. The pure PP lunch box is floating on the water! Because the density of PP is less than 1, it is lighter than water!
6. The impact of the fast food box on men is that it will cause a decrease in sperm count, and long-term exposure to plasticizers in men will cause a decrease in sperm count. Therefore, it is very useful for men of childbearing age.
7. People who often use disposable lunch boxes should eat more fruits and whole grains: all the toxic components in the body can be eliminated by three methods. One is to reduce absorption, two to increase elimination, and three to reduce damage. , Crude fiber food can help the human body to absorb harmful substances and make them excrete with feces. This way the toxins will not enter the blood after entering the body. There is vitamin C in the fruit, which can strengthen the metabolism and help the excretion of poisons. Coarse grains are corn, bread, millet, and some soybeans