How to sterilize plastic wine glass tumbler


Plastic products have become something that we often us […]

Plastic products have become something that we often use in our daily life. For the plastic water cups we just bought, some people will use them as soon as they are bought. In fact, it is better to use the plastic water cups just bought after disinfection. It is said that it is not good to use too much plastic, but it is not possible to completely use plastic items. Cups for drinking water, plates and bowls for eating, plastic wine glass tumbler and various plastic bags, etc. So how to sterilize plastic water cups? Take a look below!

Disposable plastic cups

1. For quick cleaning with toothpaste, we first rinse the plastic cup with clean water inside and out, then apply a little toothpaste on the cup, then rub it, and rinse it out with water after a while. How to sterilize plastic water cups.

2. Clean with peel. We can divide the peels into two categories: one is oranges, oranges, lemons, etc.; the other is the peels of the rest of the fruit.

(1) Use the peels of oranges, oranges, and lemons to easily remove those old tea stains. We only need to put the cups and these peels in water, and then boil them. After boiling the cups for a few times, it will be cleaned up.

(2) For the peels of fruits such as apples, we cannot use the previous method to clean them. We only need to dip a little salt on the peels, and then scrub the cup to remove the dirt.

3. In fact, we can also use only salt for cleaning. We use our fingers to take a little salt and brush back and forth on the dirt, and it can be cleaned quickly.

4. Salt water: Use detergent to clean the plastic cup normally, then put an appropriate amount of salt into the cup, add boiling water, shake it for 2 hours, and finally rinse it with clean water, put a few orange peels in the cup, Let it stand for a while to remove the odor in the plastic cup.

5. Tea: Tea can absorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde in plastic cups. First, use detergent to clean the plastic cup normally, pour boiling water and tea into the cup, and shake the lid tightly afterward, and then let it stand for 2 hours. , and finally pour out the tea and rinse with clean water.

6. White vinegar: White vinegar has the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and can also remove the odor in the plastic cup. Use detergent to clean the plastic cup, pour an appropriate amount of boiling water and white vinegar, shake it evenly and rinse it with water once, the peculiar smell in the cup will disappear. Eliminated plastic cup manufacturers.

7. In fact, the fastest way is to use bleach. We only need to put the plastic cup into a basin full of water, drop a little bleach, and it will be cleaned after a period of time.