Good-looking tableware will increase the enthusiasm for eating


We found that white tableware is a relatively large typ […]

We found that white tableware is a relatively large type of tableware, and it is also the choice of most people's homes. Because white can highlight the color of the food itself, make it look more beautiful and make people appetite. And the white tableware is very clean, as long as there is a little stain on it, it can be found by people, and it looks neatly placed. If you like white tableware, but feel completely pure white is a bit monotonous, you can choose this one with black borders. It will also look good when you lay out the dishes and take pictures when you eat. And white tableware does not contain color materials like some colored tableware, it basically does not contain toxic elements (but not all colored tableware are poisonous).
   In addition to pure white, there are many more to choose from in the big family of pure colors. For example, the Morandi color system, which has been popular in the past two years, is very common in home furnishings. Nowadays, it is used more and more on tableware. This low-saturation color system with its own aura allows food to be included in it. More texture.
   Here, I will give you a little knowledge about choosing tableware for popular science: overglaze, in-glaze and underglaze.
  Overglaze color is to paint with color materials on the porcelain that has been fired. This color material has a raised feeling when touched by hand. Because the color is on the glaze, it is easy to wear, easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, and easy to fade. But because of the low temperature, the variety is rich and beautiful.
  In-glaze colors are generally produced as tableware and are more expensive than on-glaze colors. The in-glaze tableware is lead-free, harmless, healthy and environmentally friendly.
  Underglaze color is very suitable for making tableware. It is acid and alkali resistant, and it is not easy to chemically react with the food or water in it; it is easy to wash, and the ceramic surface is smooth, and many stains can be washed off with water. The price is therefore more expensive.
  This is not to say that overglazed tableware cannot be used, but when using this type of tableware, try to avoid prolonged contact with high-temperature food, or just use it to hold some cold foods, such as salads and pastries. Mostly tableware with painted patterns. It can be seen that the background color is white, but different lines or patterns are drawn. It is more common in Japanese style tableware:
   There is also a marbled Nordic style that is very suitable for taking pictures, which is used as a background to shoot Ins style in minutes. In addition, there is a tableware that looks like an oil painting pattern. Such dishes are mostly decorative dishes, which cannot be put into the microwave oven and cannot be used to hold hot dishes and soups. However, it looks good as an afternoon tea pastry plate.
  The color, shape, and material of the tableware are different, so you can choose according to your own preferences and the needs of the food. A set of good-looking tableware makes cooking and arranging a pleasure, and at the same time it will greatly increase your appetite. Xinfu tableware manufacturers feel that if you want to improve your life, say goodbye to takeaways, and find it difficult to insist on cooking yourself, it is better to start by buying a set of favorite tableware.

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