Children's tableware selection and use need to pay attention to these 4 points


 If children's tableware is selected well, it can incre […]

 If children's tableware is selected well, it can increase the child's interest in eating, but there may be many dangers hidden in the baby's tableware. Parents should pay attention to many details when choosing and using tableware for him, especially the following points.
   1. Avoid choosing fragile tableware
   Older babies will want to try to eat on their own, but due to unskilled movements, they can easily knock over the tableware. If you accidentally break it, you may scratch yourself.
   Therefore, choose tableware that is not easy to break, such as regular imitation porcelain and plastic tableware. If you want to choose plastic tableware, try to use PP (polypropylene) material instead of recycled plastics, plastics with dark pigments, and non-food plastics.
  2. do not choose adult tableware
  The tableware designed for adults is not suitable for babies in terms of size and weight. If the tableware is too large, the baby's small hands are not easy to control, and it will be more difficult for him to learn to eat by himself.
   In addition, if a baby shares tableware with an adult, it is easy to transmit the adult’s disease to the baby. Therefore, prepare special tableware for your baby.
  3. Avoid buying utensils that are inconvenient to clean
Due to the shape, design or texture of some children’s tableware in Fujian, such as tableware with many small gaps and grooves, it is often not easy to clean, or can not be sterilized at high temperature, so that oil and bacteria are easy to adhere to it, so it is not Ideal tableware for babies.
   4. Don't use chopsticks for your baby too early
   Under normal circumstances, babies can practice using chopsticks only when they are 3 to 4 years old. Some parents will ask the baby to use chopsticks prematurely. This not only does not help him learn to eat on his own, but may also cause a meal because of his uncoordinated movements. If he is blamed or reprimanded, the baby's enthusiasm and appetite for eating will be greatly reduced.

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