Are plastic cups harmful to drinking hot water


There are not a few users of plastic water cups. Becaus […]

There are not a few users of plastic water cups. Because of the unique advantages and characteristics of plastic water cups,

Plastic cups are widely accepted by people. The materials of plastic cups are all food-grade plastic materials, but they are not

It can show that they are very safe and healthy. Some people say that plastic cups cannot be used to hold hot water and drink.

Is this really the case?

In fact, plastic cups are a big category. There are many kinds of materials in them. Some plastic cups are just

Can’t hold hot water, such as plastic cup made of PC. We have only talked about the advantages and disadvantages of PC cup.

The big disadvantage is that you can’t hold hot water, and of course you can’t use it to drink hot water. Can a PC cup hold

The reason for the release of hot water is that the PC material contains bisphenol A substance, which will be released when exposed to heat.

Long-term contact can cause great harm to human health, so drinking hot water in a plastic cup made of PC material is

Harmful! We must pay attention when using it!

So can't all plastic cups be used to drink hot water? Actually not, pp material plastic

The cup can also hold hot water. Of course, it must be made of pp material with safe origin and pp material with unknown origin.

Quality plastic cups may be more dangerous than PC plastic cups!

Secondly, not only pp cups and tritan plastic cups can hold hot water safely.

The difference between tritan water cup and other plastic cups is also in this point. For now, the tritan plastic material can be said to be plain.

There is the safest plastic material, and the tritan material will not release any harm to people when exposed to heat.

The harmful bisphenol A, bisphenol S and any other bisphenol substances, we can use them to contain

Put and drink hot water!