Plastic cups still dominate the catering industry demand market


The development of the catering industry is driving the […]

The development of the catering industry is driving the demand for plastic cups and lids. "Beverages are an important source of income for restaurants, and catering operators are paying more and more attention to the introduction of specialty beverages." These factors will drive the demand for high-value cups and lids, such as paper hot cups, PET cups and specialty lids.

In addition, as more and more cities promulgate bans or restrictions on the use of disposable expanded polystyrene products, restaurants are gradually phasing out foamed plastic cups due to the demand for sustainable development. Therefore, the demand for higher-priced cups is expected. And enhanced. In 2020, the demand for cups and lids in the catering industry will account for 2/3 of its total demand, and this industry will still be the most important demand market in the future.

 Among different cup types, the demand for packaged cups has grown the fastest due to consumption trends, convenience and portability. As the competitive landscape changes, paper cups will become the most in demand drinking cups. As for foamed plastic cups, on the one hand, environmental factors will limit its demand, on the other hand, the commercial production of recyclable plastic cups will also threaten its demand, because the thermal insulation performance of recyclable plastic cups is similar to that of foamed plastic cups. .
The demand for cup lids will grow more than cups, with an annual growth rate of 4.7%. Factors driving its growth include: the development of food and beverage take-out services in restaurants and retail stores, the use of lids for drinking cups to increase features and increase prices, The integrity of the packaging cup is gradually improved, and different types of lids will be matched.