How to choose tableware?


1. Quality is very important. Counterfeit and inferior […]

1. Quality is very important. Counterfeit and inferior products are not required.
 Try not to buy low-priced melamine tableware with poor texture. The closer the texture is to porcelain, the better, which is mainly reflected in the smooth and reflective surface like ceramics.

The feel is also heavy. The closer the texture is to plastic, the worse, which is mainly manifested in that the surface is obviously not as good as ceramic
The porcelain is smooth and feels light and light. Inferior melamine tableware products have a small amount of small bubbles, whitening, shallow cracks, more obvious stems, bulging and water ripples, and obvious variegated spots, but high-quality ones do not.
  2. Buying depends on the channel, only qualified.
   Consumers should go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets to buy. Don’t be greedy for cheap and buy at street stalls. And preferentially choose well-known brand melamine products. Most of the melamine products circulating in regular shopping malls and supermarkets are tested and qualified, and consumers can rest assured to buy. Try not to buy Sanwu products.
  3. Moyin’s "appearance" is dazzling, and it is reliable only if the outside and the inside are the same.
   Try to choose a smooth surface, white and no patterns inside, and try to choose light-colored tableware. Especially for tableware for infants and young children, do not choose products with brightly colored patterns printed on the inside of the tableware to attract the attention of infants and young children. This may cause excessive heavy metals. If there are decals, please check whether the decal pattern of the appliance is clear when purchasing. Wipe the colored tableware with a white napkin to see if there is any phenomenon such as fading.
  4. Although the "QS" mark is small, it is well recognized by a smart eye.
   Please look for the QS (Quality Certification) mark, and correctly distinguish the MF (melamine resin) and UF (urea-formaldehyde resin) marks. Products with MF logo can be used as tableware. Products with the UF logo can only be used to hold non-food items or "placement trays" for food that needs to be peeled, and cannot be used to hold food that is directly ingested.

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