How to buy disposable tableware is safe


How to buy disposable tableware is safe It is reported […]

How to buy disposable tableware is safe

It is reported that manufacturers of plastic disposable tableware, paper tableware, and paper cups need to apply for production licenses. When purchasing, they should obtain business licenses and production licenses to check their authenticity and confirm whether they are within the validity period.

One-time food-related product identification labels need to indicate content including: product name; producer or distributor's name, address and contact information; production date and shelf life, implementation standards, production license signs and numbers. At the time of delivery inspection, you should check whether the production information indicated on the product label is consistent with the provided production license information, and ask for the corresponding product qualification certificate.

Disposable plastic tableware manufacturers and bamboo chopsticks do not need a production license, but they need to indicate the product name, the name of the manufacturer and the distributor, the address and contact information, the production date and the shelf life.

The production and use of disposable foam lunch boxes were once banned, and the ban has now been lifted. When in use, it is not suitable to contain high-heat and high-oil food, and it is not suitable to store food repeatedly and for a long time.

Nowadays, paper cups and tableware are also used a lot. Among them, the coated paper cups can hold all kinds of hot and cold foods, except for alcoholic foods such as beer and liquor. Because alcohol contains ethanol, ethanol can penetrate the coating layer of the paper cup and dissolve the ink on the outer layer of the paper cup, so it is not recommended to use it.