Tableware material affects your health. Please pay attention to the purchase


Plastic tableware: "color" is good for health In the ta […]

Plastic tableware: "color" is good for health
In the tableware market, plastic products are light and not fragile, and they are resistant to glass products. However, the health hazards and safety of plastic tableware have always been the focus of attention.
Many plastic tableware have beautiful color patterns on the surface. If the content of lead, cadmium and other metal elements in the pattern exceeds the standard, it will cause harm to the human body. On the surface of a typical plastic product, there is a protective film. Once the film is scratched by a hard device, harmful substances are released. The surface of inferior plastic tableware is often not smooth, and harmful substances are easily leaked out. Therefore, consumers should try to choose plastic tableware without decorative patterns, colorless and odorless, smooth surface and strong hand feeling.